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Imagine a future where you never need a charger, USB cable or battery pack. 

Every year, more connected devices are activated and used worldwide. The number of mobile connections worldwide now surpasses the global population. What is the biggest hassle of having all of these wonderful smart devices? Of course, it is keeping them charged so that they are powered up and ready to go when you are. What if you could charge all of your devices without ever plugging them into an outlet again? Small wireless charging pads currently exist and allow you to charge small devices without plugging them into a cord. The process generates heat and does not scale up well, meaning you cannot use the current wireless charging method to charge large devices.

Technology is currently in development to create small wireless charging fields around hubs in your home or office. Essentially, you lay your device within one to two feet from the hub, and it will charge without you doing anything. This method still is not practical for charging all of your devices though. Imagine walking into a room and all of your devices immediately started charging. This type of concept may be possible to implement in smart homes, offices, and classrooms in the not too distant future. The whole room would be designed to be one giant wireless charger, sending energy to any compatible device. No one would ever have to worry about their phone dying or their child’s tablet running out of juice again. The room could be programmed to scan for new devices every minute or so and automatically monitor all devices that are currently charging. It could even alert you when your device is fully charged. Embrace the future of omnidirectional, cordless, and padless charging.

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